Saturday, December 18, 2004

Who is Santa?

Hello Mate,
Here I am with yet another Christmas based Bedtime stories.. I just wondered how did Santa Claus (one of the several names given to the icon.., this one is from US, oops basically Dutch.."Sinter Klaas" it was) the famous Father Chirstmas came into being.. The story dates back to 500 - 600 AD, in a small place which is part of current world Turkey.

There was once a good man by name Nicholas, who came to know that a poor father had 3 daughters. He was almost ready to sell them as he did not have enough money to arrange for their marriage.. (Dowry system.. its was not just in India!!). Nicholas planned to help them, but without any once knowledge he dropped a bag of gold into their house through the chimney..(Guys itsa smoke ventilator, quite common in Cold countries, I know you all know this but still :-)) He did the same for two nights and third night the girls daughter got a doubt and caught Nicholas on the act.

Nicholas requested not to disclose to any one.. but you know. these things dont stay in the castle.. Nicholas thus became very popular and any one, gets any anonymous gifts are said receive them from Nicholas.. Thus he was called in time as St. Nicholas.. Sad end to is story is that they say he died on 6th December which is celebrated in some part of the work as St. Nicholas Day(In Holland Kids get gift on that day not on Christmas eve).

So now you all know who Santa is, and by the way his current figure of Red and white plumpy appearence is the work of Coca-Cola, yes thats right a marketing strategy to make their drink sell in Winter.. it worked so well that he permanently became red & white..

If interested to learn more on christmas and various forms of Father christmas check this link..
Why Christmas?

By the way I had good christmas lunch yesterday @ Honda UK. and tasted the turkey for the first time.. mmmm.. boy it was good.. :-))


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