Friday, December 10, 2004

Birmingham ka Biryani

I am currently in Bescot (the so called "Outskirts" of Birmingham).. staying in the hotel.. For few days did try the food in the hotel for the dinner. My my its horrible.. dont want to name the hotel.. either too salty or none at all..

To my surprise there I found a indian(British indian) restaurent. I was wondering to see the menu. but the smell.. that was good enough to suggest that I have hit a jackpot. Oh well I saw the Indian menu there and of all the first and the best I got to see was Biryani and that too Chicken Tikka Biryani.. mm I could not resist myself..

I went on ordering and took it to the hotel.. (was even not sure whether I can take outside food to room.. never mind who cares.. biryani it is :-)) Once in my room.. opened it with a wack..Wow!! it was hot and spicy.. and with cucumber and tomato on top and along with the so called vegetable sauce and not to forget the mint sauce..

It got over in just minutes.. :-(( but still had a good taste of indian food.. after a long time indeed.

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