Friday, December 10, 2004

Its Friday.. & am fighting with WIN Api to print....

Strange day, I am having a funny behaviour dont know who is the culprit.. Either Lotus Notes 4.6 / Lotus Script or Win NT or the crazy PRINT Spool API or may be ME :-).. But something is driving me crazyyy..

when I remove a single piece of DIM statment it the OpenPrinter of WINAPI does not respond.. I have never had such a problem with WIN API before.. but few things are unique this time.

I am not using my machine :-))(all my useful tools and settings) I dont have admin access to this machine.. Its NT nt nt nt.. and above all notes 4.6.. Ooops I am doing lot of what we call my native "Polambification".. Never mind it works.. let me get on with it..

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