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Astrology - Astronomy

A bit of Indian history
In the Indian Astrology which according to historians, has been practiced even from BC times, a person's life could be analysed as soon as he is born by merely knowing the date time & place of birth. Well is that statement that could go well in today's scientific world.

If I have to say this in the western world, or ever for that matter in India among the scientific community, how many takers would be there? Well even how many would continue to listen / read this article if I continue to explain the same.

Eventhough it is not practical today for the astrology practitioners, I have a theory, whereby we can explain both Astrology and Astronomy(Science) together.


This is my hypothesis based on various concepts that I have come across and some reasoning that I did.

In Astrology
Let me first explain what Astrology says:

Everything (Living non living) is influenced by Planetary motion (4 planets excl. earth, + notional planets Rahu and ketu along with then sun + moon). This causes the Good and the Bad deeds. Happiness and Sorrow. Life and Death.

For the Living ones by knowing the positions of the above heavenly bodies we can predict overall major happenings and its impact upfront.

Like, what impact this new born will have on the family, what education level he/she can attain, how many marriages :-), how many children, travel abroad, ill health and even possibility death and near misses.

Thats to put a few things. Does this sound too much? Well it is and it does, but not all can be laid aside all together. There are few which can be explained by science and maths, also explains how it could have been possible if at all.

In Astronomy

In parallel if you look through the prism of science for a possible explanation, then this what I see.

Energy produced during the big bang is being reflected back and forth in the Universe as MicroWaves (the white and black dots you get when you switch on your tv with out tuning to a channel). These are photos gettting bounced all over the place with varying energy levels. There energy changes based on the reflection and refraction. These are part of the cosmic rays that reaches earth.

Now, so what how could they decide whether I am happy or sad on a day. All our emotions and we ourselves are into existence due to various chemical reactions that take place with in our biology. Meaning, assuming we have probe in our body and monitors various reactions, then we can predict our emotions at any given point of time without having to look for our typical exterior reactions like the ones through the face and tears. So, all our good deeds, emotions are nothing but a set of chemical reactions induced and influenced by some of virtual triggers like social interaction, goals, efforts and results. End of Day everthing are set of chemical reactions.

These reactions are affected / impacted like any other by the high energy photons that hits us, the probability of some high energy photons hitting us from those reflected from the near by planets are higher than those far away.

This holds good not just for planets since sun due to its huge size in the proximity and moon by its sheer proximity also plays a big hand on those photos getting to us. Since, it is the position of these planets when we came into direct contact with the photos from them (during birth) which determines the first configuration. Any subsequent reactions seems can be predicted if you know the first and then the time ellapsed since, by mear use of Mathematics and Patterns of reactions as against planetary arrangement for a specific pattern of birth Star positions.

Astrology vs Astronomy - Why getting difficult to correlate today?

If thats the case why are we not able to predict today?

Possible reasons:
a) On those days in BC the pollution was literally non existent and these photons interaction with the current polution levels have brought in additional variables on to the equation which were earlier almost constant and now giving enough deviation to throw the earlier math of the track.

b) The math was not taught or understood the same way over the generations and in ability to adapt the equations to the new variables that have started to cause effect. Had we compensated to these new entrants on the stage then the predictions could have been much more accurate.

Not sure whether this was worth a read, but it was my wife who inspired me to put this. Any comments would be welcome.

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