Monday, March 09, 2009

Vantage Point - Understand how it would be from other Key persons point of view

I had recently watched the movie 'Vantage Point'. I felt that the movie was not creating the expected excitement, atleast to more than half of the crowd in the theater.  That's not the point which I am intended to discuss. This movie is based out of the concept that same incident in the view point of different individuals with varying knowledge creates different impression and conclusion.

Now that is our topic of interest. Any individual when they join the stream of work, is more likely to b one dimensional in this aspect. Meaning mostly thinking about, how things have to span out in their career and what they need to get as they grow and achieve.

But the point here is unless you understand how your actions evoke reactions from various by-standers it is difficult to grow up in the career. Many a times you wanted to convey something but you end up conveying something else.

That is you need to evoke very predictable and desirable reactions. Desirable does not always mean positive and sometimes a negative response is what we wanted to evoke.

Those who start becoming multi dimensional in understanding others point of view before an action and its consequences would have higher probability of growth. Ofcourse how you use it your advantage is based on your Emotional Quotient. Nevertheless a word of caution some people think so deep about the reactions that it leads to 'Inaction'.

Think before you act, but definetly you have to decide sooner than later to act.

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