Saturday, March 05, 2011

World Cup 2011 so far..

Its been yet another slow start to a long World cup format. Now (March 4th) it has started to enter the dramatic phase. So far, with confusion around tickets sale for semis & final, a tied match with a score of 338, and an a great upset of Irish beating the English. Well what else could you ask for and it is not even half way mark in the Group stage.

The sides that are impressive at this point includes South Africa, well I should say they looked solid in their bowling than their batting, which is not bad either. Though, I believe they are yet to be tested by a strong side. First one will be the English on Sunday 5th March. Still they have got a bowling attach which can get the 10 wickets on sub continental flat tracks.

Next, I would put Pakistan, unpredictable yes, but at this point they have got a nice momentum going, their batting is still shaky at times, scoring 180 and odd against Canada, mmm need to get their acts together and keep it that way through the distance, its any one's guess how it will go.

Then the dark horses, Australians, I thought I would not get to say this so early, hot favorites in the last 4-5 World cups now not any more. But don't rule them out yet. They are the only side packed only with the quicks and do not rely on the spinners. Well it could backfire if any side goes on rampage as they are all more monotonous. Will be eager to watch Aus vs SL, Aus vs Pak.

Last but not the least India, though they are by far the strongest batting team in the tournament and who on paper can get / topple any score or set any target, their bowling and fielding a big worry. Especially if it is a flat bed of a track. Not sure if Piyush will be more relaxed in his initial overs and bhaji will get the first wicket quickly to get his confidence on the high in a match. Well there are quite a few ifs and there is the history that none of the hosting teams of final have won a world cup.

Anyways, nice to have a world cup where there are no clear favorite. I am enjoying thoroughly, though from US with odd timing to watch crucial matches, but happy that at least I get to watch.

Final word on this article to the Cricket administrators in the subcontinent, they should start thinking and building more sporting wickets with something also for the bowlers. I agree every one wants to see a 50-50 over matches and not one sided or 180 allout contests, but that does not mean that 320's -4 to be toppled again with 321's -3. It is not interesting is it?

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