Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blasts that could just rock Mumbai, but not break..

Its very disheartening to hear such incidents... Be it in London or in Mumbai, its one of the worst news you would want to hear where ever you live. I was just back from work and switched on the tv sets to see the horrible news of the blasts.

It was deadly scenes and any traveller's worst nightmare, that is seriel blast on crowded trains. What could be the major motive behind such attacks.. What could just have been gained by killing so many common people who would not even have ever met these bombers in their life before, leave alone doing any harm to them.

The only conclusion you can come up with is, that they want to create fear and insecurity among people. If at all the bombers stood there to watch the aftermaths I am sure they would have realised that they failed miserably. People did not flee the place in fear.. they stayed there to help the others. they did not feel insecured that there could be more devices but stayed to help to carry the injured and dead to the hospitals and away.

That alone is good enough to show these cowards that they have lost and have not and cannot acheive what they aimed for this time and hopefuly anytime.

Hats off to those who stood and helped, even if few did so instinctively..

Lets hope our policy makers get it right here on and can avoid future incidents.

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